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  Youth is the most promising social power. Tens of thousands of the youth, who origin from chaoshan, work for the construction of Two Civilization in Shenzhen, using their diligence, wisdom and courage. They interpret the life of brilliant chapter in this city, which represent a “night city”myth of China’s reform.

Shenzhen Chaoren Economic Association Youth Committee Overseas is a social group constitute from youth who origin from chaoshan in different areas. Representing 350,000 youth’s voice in Shenzhen, it acts vibrant in the society. Since foundation in June 1997, it always work for the purpose of "strengthen the connection of youth from home and abroad, work for exchanges and cooperation in foreign economic, cultural, scientific and technological area, dedicate for public enterprise, transmit friendship between Chaoshan youth, sevice for the motherland﹑Shenzhen and mothertown", exert its power and wisdom, expand its influence over home and abroad, finally become one of the important bridges of communication between Shenzhen and other cities.

Over the years, the Committee participate in many activities at home and abroad, strengthening ties with the the world, such as Hong Kong, Macao and other parts of the city youth groups.
January 1998, it associate with the Hong Kong Chaozhou Chamber of Commerce, hold a "Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Zhuhai city Youth Sports Day" activities, playing basketball, soccer, table tennis and golf competitions. January 1999, it was invited to Guangzhou to attend the "Youth Committee of the Guangzhou Chaoren overseas '99". In May, headed by the Director Li Ansheng, of the commission and consultants Huangguoxiang, it was invited to exit the First International Youth Union. Delegaters from provinces in China, Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States and Macau, Hong Kong Tourist attended.

The commission had also actively works for Poverty Supporting Plan, support development of pubic project, and contribute to student of hometown and poverty area, amount to more than 5 milliant recently.

July 2000, the Commission held elections ceremony, the Second newly elected member decided to set up funds to finance for the children of poor families to enter school for education.

Now, the Commission had entered the internet to communicate with Youth Party from all over the word faster and more efficiently, and also to show the glamour of the younger generation of Shenzhen city to the world.

May 9, 2004, in Montreal, Canada held the third international annual meeting, it was bid to become the holder of the Fourth Internationa Union as the first holder in Chinese mainland.

The Commission will continue to carry forward the tradition of "unity, perseverance and hard work", seizing the opportunities, sticking to innovations, expanding the impact at home and abroad, take the lead in realizing modernization process.

The 4th International Teochew Youth Convention

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